Individually handcrafted with love and respect for a planet that has finite resources, using recycled and repurposed material wherever possible.
Been Sacks bags are made  from old coffee bean sacks, hence the name, “Been Sacks”.
£1 from the sale of every bag will be donated to the Woodland Trust.

The Bags and Materials

The Been Sacks bags are all made from a recycled coffee sacks. Other materials are then added to provide decoration, lining and straps. As much of the material as possible comes from recycled items like quilts, curtains and old clothing. The materials include cotton, linen, wool, leather and sometimes synthetics. Anything that would otherwise be turned to rags, I try and use! 

The bags come in various shapes and sizes and no two bags are the same. Often the size and type of the bag is designed around the details on the coffee sack.

Current Been Sacks bags available are; Totes, duffles, messengers and crossbody bags

Do you have a special piece of fabric or favourite old shirt you want to save? Been Sacks bags can be made from your fabric, please email hello@beensacks.co.uk with any requests and be sure to include a picture of the material you want to include. 


Where to buy

The Been Sacks products can be purchased online via the BeenSacks Etsy shop. We also attend markets in the Carmarthenshire area, keep an eye on our Facebook page to find out where we will be.

Alternatively, please feel free to contact Been Sacks directly via email with any questions, requests for a special bag or to make a purchase direct.


Why the Woodland Trust?

Not only is a tree a beautiful natural structure that can become a home to hundreds of species, planting trees is an amazing way to tackle climate change. As a tree grows it absorbs and stores CO2, which is driving climate change, while also helping to reduce pollution levels, flooding and erosion.

The Woodland Trust has a target to plant a tree for every person in the UK by 2025 and every tree counts.

My father worked in a woodland, planting and taking care of trees most of his working life. He valued and cared for these incredible plants long before many of us became aware of the important role they have in looking after the planet.

For me, The Woodland Trust is a personal choice as well and an important one for raising awareness of the environmental issues that we are all facing. If you would like to read more about the mission of The Woodland Trust then click here to visit their website.